Honesty. Quality. Clarity.

Welcome to Rankin Software Solutions, LLC! I specialize in software development for Microsoft technologies here in the upstate of South Carolina.  Click here to learn more about me personally.


I am comfortable working with projects in any stage of development (analysis, design, implementation, testing, deployment, or maintenance).  I have worked with a variety of other technologies, including C# 5.0, .NET 4,5, ASP.NET web applications, SQL Server 2008 R2, SharePoint 2010, VBA for Office, PHP, MySQL, and others.


I am located in the upstate of South Carolina.  Due to the nature of software development, I can typically do most of my work remotely, traveling when necessary for meetings or deployment, and so although companies in or near the upstate of South Carolina may be the easiest to travel to for face-to-face meetings, I am very comfortable working on remote projects, too.

Business Policy

My business policy is rather straightforward and is based on three simple principles: honesty, quality, and clarity.  Honesty is important when alerting clients to the best course of action for them and when billing them.  Quality is essential in all areas but especially in software design, as flaws in overall design in early stages will cost the company much more down the road than it will save short-term.  Clarity helps make program code more maintainable in the future as other programmers interface with it.  I enjoy heavily documenting my code with clear inline comments as well as generating documentation files, data flow diagrams, and other references for projects.