Custom Programming and Database Management

Web Programming

Today, more and more programming is done on the web.  If your company needs a new web application to help increase worker productivity, or if you need assistance maintaining an existing web application, I can help you with your web programming needs.

Database Management

Perhaps you need help modeling a new database or maintaining an existing database that needs to be normalized or redesigned.  I have worked on many data projects in the past and can help you clean up your data or set up a brand new database with a solid structure and layout.  Developing a good data design is a major step in ensuring a more successful, error-free program based on this data, such as a web or desktop application.

Another common need is migrating an old database into a completely new one: for example, taking a Lotus Notes database and migrating it over into SharePoint, or migrating a Microsoft Access database into SQL Server.  Data migration provides a great way to redesign the data structure if it was poorly designed originally, and having worked on data migration before, I am comfortable taking data from one system into another.

Desktop Programming

Sometimes companies need a desktop application, for example, to publish results from a database into a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel, or to automate processes that are currently being performed by the user.  Microsoft VBA also provides a very powerful way to greatly increase worker productivity with Microsoft Office products.  Maybe you need a Windows service to perform automated tasks in the background on a server.  Whatever your desktop programming needs, I would be happy to discuss them with you.

SharePoint Development

Microsoft SharePoint provides a great way for employees in a company to collaborate, share information, and organize data.  If you need help installing or customizing a SharePoint installation, if you need help developing a custom program within SharePoint, or if you need help integrating data from SharePoint and other data sources, contact me and we can discuss your needs.

VBA Macros

Perhaps you work with Microsoft Office products often and perform repetitive tasks.  If you would like help generating a Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) program that runs directly inside of Microsoft Excel, Word, Access, or another Microsoft Office product, I would enjoy programming these macros.  I was first introduced into programming with VBA macros, and I have had to use them repeatedly since then.  VBA macros running inside an Office product (like Excel) can be a great way to develop a simple program very quickly compared to other platforms, depending on the situation.

Custom Programming

You may have a custom programming need not mentioned here and are having trouble finding someone with the experience to meet this need.  While I may not have the experience for your particular situation, I am always excited to learn new technologies and broaden my experience, and so if you have a challenging custom software need, please contact me and we can discuss it.