Projects Summary

Below is a sample of projects I have worked on.  Although not all projects are listed, it will give you an idea of the type of work I have performed and the specific experience I have.

Nucor Steel, Darlington, SC

  • Subcontracted through DigitalThinker, Inc. in Greenville, SC for a Nucor Corporation steel plant in Darlington, SC to provide services related to Infor products
  • Installed and configured Infor ION, Infor Federation Services (IFS), Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), and SharePoint Foundation 2010 in test environment running on Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Built data integration from SQL Server to Infor EAM databridge through Infor ION for multiple data flows, requiring SQL stored procedures, functions, triggers, XSLT for mapping SQL-exported XML to Infor EAM-compatible XML

Accounting Systems, Inc., Columbia, SC

  • Developed custom ASP.NET user control in C# (inheriting from DNN class) to develop a module for a DNN website, including custom jQuery, JavaScript, and CSS, and AJAX
  • Built corresponding SQL Server 2012 database tables to manage data
  • Modified web templates for ProvideX e-commerce web server to provide a more modern, intuitive layout and flow
  • Set up websites, bindings, ports, application pools, rewrites, and general configuration for DNN website portals, ProvideX IIS front-ends, and development websites
  • Debugged and created Windows Batch Script files facilitating data transfer between SQL Server and CSV files

DigitalThinker, Inc., Greenville, SC

  • Redesigned company website using WordPress and a new responsive theme, managing the testing environment, 302 redirects, installation, Google Analytics tracking, and installing and customizing forum and various other capabilities

Delta Airlines, Atlanta, GA

  • Subcontracted through Mobia Solutions in Greenville, SC to provide programming services for Delta Airlines in Atlanta, GA
  • Developed a Windows service in C# .NET to periodically check an e-mail account for authorized messages, extracting data from them, exporting the data to a Google Cloud SQL (MySQL) database
  • Developed JavaScript code to provide two-way synchronization of data between a Google Spreadsheet and a MySQL database
  • Refactored existing jQuery library code to process input from a bar code scanner via a web app to greatly increase maintainability of the old codebase
  • Wrote custom PHP code to process custom authentication requirements
  • Built a PHP/MySQL-based private website from the ground up using CodeIgniter and Doctrine ORM for an auditing database, including editable reports, charts, security roles, and administration.

Solvay, Spartanburg, SC

  • Developed and maintained an Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) interactive web application from the ground up using ASP.NET (C#), ADO.NET and SQL Server. Built front-end CSS, JavaScript and HTML as well.
  • Created Windows service in C# .NET to extract data from OSI PI system containing OEE data and port it over to SQL Server for processing by OEE application
  • Created WinForms application in C# .NET to extract collected OEE data and write it to a custom structure in an Excel spreadsheet, using Microsoft Office Interop libraries
  • Developed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) application from the ground up to manage a database of protective equipment requirements and government regulations. Built using ASP.NET and SQL Server. Built front-end as well (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).
  • Built a SharePoint 2010 site which provided a searchable database of pilot plant equipment using the built-in capability of SharePoint lists and a 3rd-party solution for greater search ability
  • Built a data extraction tool in Excel using VBA to collect data from SharePoint, aggregate it, and display data in usable graphs and charts per business requirements.
  • Customized various portions of SharePoint 2010 server as required, using SharePoint Designer and web front-end to create custom lists, calendar functionality, and other miscellaneous requirements

BASF, Seneca, SC

  • Wrote custom macro scripting in Excel VBA and AutoHotKey for Windows scripts to extract data from various sources (Excel documents, PDFs, P&IDs) into a single, unified SQL Server database, which was then exported to Excel templates required for the project

Hansen International, Inc., Lexington, SC

  • Subcontracted through EduSys, Inc. in Columbia, SC to provide services to help migrate an ASP-based website to Magento
  • Transformed spreadsheet data representing products to a format to be uploaded to Magento
  • Debugged and cleaned up existing HTML and CSS issues
  • Provided customization to the theme as required by the client